John Elden Gibbons

John Elden Gibbons
Lake City Film Club
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Providing media content to a cornucopia of platforms, both digital and physical.

NEWS – 7/12/2021 We just got delivered to Xumo. I hope to see Welcome to Rockbottom up in a few days #Xumotv ( Xumo ). Welcome to Rockbottom is now on #Plextv (Plex Tv) and #Vimeo (Vimeo $)

The Products We Provide:

Delivering content in the form of
traditional and progressive media solutions and complementary products, including:

TV / Video platforms,
Audio platforms, Print / Digital text, and image delivery.

– Multi-channel Programmatic Display
– Social Media Channels
– Audio
– Streaming and Connected TV devices
– Video
– Email / e-Newsletters
– Journal / Association / Site-direct digital media
– Mobile display and video / Audio / Text / Image
– Printed Media
– Selective Physical Products and Merchandise

For more info go to Lake City Film Club

John Elden Gibbons lien UFO Pursuit: Secrets of the UFO Paradox

I am working on “Alien UFO Pursuit” for this Quarter. Rockbottom Survival Skills, Dreams: Secrets to your subconscious and Alien UFO Pursuit: Secrets of the UFO Paradox

Are Dreams the Doorway to the True You? Do they warn you? Can Dreams Solve Problems? For all the information on your dreams, look at this Documentary. Part of my three for the quarter. This is going to be a 62-minute production.

film poster for Rockbottom Survival Skills

Rockbottom Survival Skills: The Reality

John Elden Gibbons in New Survival Anthology.

Welcome to Rockbottom

Welcome to Rockbottom

Nature in Motion

John Elden Gibbons and Euell Gibbons

John Elden and his Grandfather Euell Gibbons

John Elden Gibbons at Black Tie event

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